Drones reduce risk for tower climbers by 30%

Tower climbing has been called "the most dangerous job in America" by OSHA's top administrator, with a death rate 10 times that of construction. Drones can significantly improve safety and efficiency for tower climbers and reduce inspection time and cost. Check out this article to learn more.
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LAFD Drone Program Success

One of the first major metropolitan fire departments to have a significant drone program, the LAFD, has deployed UAV's on at least 175 different occasions for incident related missions.

Despite privacy concerns they faced at the introduction of their drone program in 2017, they are sh...

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Study - Drones In Public Safety

Is the public ready for drones in public safety? This study suggests yes with some interesting statistics.

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Hurricane Season Is Here - Verizon and AT&T Have Drones That Can Help (Video)

"Reliable phone service during a natural disaster can be crucial to saving lives. AT&T and Verizon have new drones that may be able to help. The drones act like portable cell sites and provide LTE coverage to first responders and victims of natural disasters. "

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Police Drone Saves Car Crash Victim’s Life

Just another example of a drone saving someone's life. Aerial Thermography is becoming a huge asset to public safety UAV operators. These drones are being used to capture data and assist with operational intelligence like the one in this article. Additionally, firefighters can deploy thermal imaging...

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