FAA Clarifies LiPO Battery Policies

Planning on traveling with your drone? Take a look at the new FAA LiPo battery policies so you don't run into any issues at the airport.

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NASA UTM Project Begins 4th & Final Phase

NASA is moving into the 4th and final stage of its UTM project.

Their testing will "focus on UAS operations in higher-density urban areas for tasks such as news gathering and package delivery," with one of those test locations being Las Vegas, NV.

"Once the fourth and ...

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Love Your LiDAR - 50 Commercial Applications For LiDAR

Interested in adding LiDAR to your capabilities?

Check out the article below to learn 50 ways LiDAR is being used for commercial applications and how you can bring additional value to clients by adding LiDAR to your service offerings.

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DJI's Take on Remote ID

Interesting take by DJI on Remote ID. This article brings up many privacy, safety, and implementation considerations that are important to address in order to successfully implement remote ID in the future.

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New Drone ID Marking Law

*New FAA Drone ID Marking Law*

This law will require "small drone owners to display [their] FAA-issued registration number on an outside surface of the aircraft. Owners and operators may no longer place or write registration numbers in an interior compartment."

This cha...

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Drone Job Market Now & In Future

Interesting research report on where the drone job market is now and is heading in the years to come. Drone software engineers are the most sought after skillset in the industry. Talent is scarce and that is sure to influence company strategies over the next few years.

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DJI Fraud Exposed

Not great publicity for DJI who already had its ethics questioned in the past surrounding its data integrity.

Also to clarify a misleading headline, DJI lost $0 from this fraud, it was DJI customers who were frauded for a total sum of $147.6 Million.

#DJI #Drones #Dron...

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New Proposed Part 107 Laws

Good article breaking down the details of newly proposed Part 107 drone laws.

Don't expect these changes to go into effect anytime soon but it is exciting news that part 107 regulations will get a refresher and allow for continued innovation in the UAS industry.


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Aviation Industry Affected By US Government Shutdown

The aviation industry is feeling the effects of the government shutdown, and if the situation continues to escalate, it could mean some serious short & long-term consequences.

Even if the shutdown does not continue for months or years, as Trump has threatened, the impact on the FAA, ...

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Anti-Drone Tech Demand Spikes Following Gatwick Scene

Whether there was a drone or not, the events in Gatwick display the vulnerabilities of many airports across the world which has led to an increase in the demand for anti-drone technology.

In 2019, we will surely see more airports, stadiums, etc, begin to utilize anti-drone & drone de...

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