BREAKING: DJI Reveals Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Sensor Drone

DJI Reveals Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Sensor Drone

This newly launched drone will have side-by-side visual and thermal sensors which will give thousands of drone operators & service providers access to thermal imaging capabilities.

It will be available only through autho...

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Boeing Plane Collides With Drone, According To Reports

737 passenger Boeing plane collides with a drone while landing in Mexico, according to local reports. Thankfully no one was hurt, authorities still investigating.

If this was not a drone, what else could have made such an impact to create that kind of damage to the plane?

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Airmap Launches New Innovative Feature

Airmap continuing to innovate and make lives easier for drone operators with the introduction of a new real-time geofencing alert feature.

For now, it is only available when flying a DJI drone through Airmap but if you are one of the pilots that flys through Airmap, this will improve ...

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Maryland Successfully Tests Drone Delivery of Human Kidney

The University of Maryland has successfully tested drone delivery of human organs.

"The research team performed biopsies on the kidney before and after its drone flights and found no damage from the journey. The conclusion then is that the experiment was a success: drones and organ d...

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Secretive DJI Product Launch Set For November 28th

Secretive DJI Product Launch Set For November 28th - "Because Life Is Big!"

Could this be the long anticipated Phantom 5? New AR/VR Tech? What is your prediction?

#DJI #Drones #DroneNews

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A DJI Bug Exposed Drone Photos and User Data

Yet again DJI is drawing scrutiny from the US government and other entities over its data privacy and security concerns. Will DJI ever get all their data security issues under control?

#Drones #DataSecurity #DJI #DroneNews

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Study - Drones In Public Safety

Is the public ready for drones in public safety? This study suggests yes with some interesting statistics.

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Drones Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Vaccine Delivery

“Drones carrying precious vaccines will soon be taking to the skies over Vanuatu, in a world-first trial that has the potential to revolutionise healthcare”

#healthcare #drones #uav #vaccinations #dronenews

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DJI Inspires Falling Out Of The Sky Due To Battery Malfunctions

Be careful if you are flying a DJI Inspire!

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Newly Released By DJI: Mavic 2 Enterprise

It seems like DJI has been launching a new drone every week recently, but this time they extend the popular Mavic line into the enterprise market with the Mavic 2 Enterprise.

Combining powerful professional tools with the portability of the Mavic really opens the door for a lot of com...

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